Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Book Review: Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti

Goodreads Summary:

Best friends Lani and Erin couldn’'t be more different. Lani'’s reserved and thoughtful; Erin'’s bubbly and outgoing. Lani likes to do her own thing; Erin prefers an entourage. There'’s no possible way they could be interested in the same guy.

So when Erin starts dating Jason, Lani can’'t believe she feels such a deep connection with him— and it may be mutual. The more Lani fights it, the more certain she feels that it’'s her fate to be with Jason. But what do you do when the love of your life is the one person you can’'t have?

My Review:

I first heard about Something Like Fate ages ago and I was really excited to see how Susane Colasanti would tackle the tricky situation of falling in love with your best friend's boyfriend. Sadly, it didn't live up to my expectations.

The situation being what it was, I wanted to feel heartbreak for Lani and Jason. I wanted to love these characters and root for them but instead I found myself wondering why they liked each other so much. If it was just a mutual crush, okay, I could get with that but Lani proclaiming them to be soulmates because they have the same poster in their bedroom and compare brands of water to colours and shapes (um, what?) and other random stuff like that just annoyed me. How can a bottle of water tastle like an orange rhombus anyway?? I know most teenage girls (including me) do obsess over little things that they have in common with the boy they like but Lani calling it 'fate' really irked me.

The two characters I did like, Blake and Connor, I thought were sadly not used to their full potential and I wanted to know more about them and their lives. Blake had a small subplot but it was just kind of brushed over and I thought he forgave Lani far too easily for what she did.

The writing was mostly good and I can't fault Susane Colasanti on her realistic dialogue. She writes exactly how a teenager would speak and I enjoy the banter between her characters. One thing that drove me up the wall though, was the constant use of 'so she was all' and 'I'm like' instead of 'she said', 'I said'. Argh!

I wanted to love it, but maybe it's just not my cup of tea. I know Susane Colasanti has a strong fanbase but this will probably be the last book of hers that I read. No matter how gorgeous the covers are!

Rating: C
Cover: A

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