Monday, 4 April 2011

10 Good Things On A Monday: Ten TV Shows That Always Cheer Me Up

10 Good Things on a Monday is a weekly feature hosted by Brush Up On Your Reading. My 10 Good Things On a Monday this week is:

TV Shows That Can Always Cheer Me Up

10.The Big Bang Theory- This show is so cute! Sheldon cracks me up, Penny and Leonard are too sweet and it's always so silly. I always end up laughing goofily when I watch :)

9.Gavin and Stacey- Gavin and Stacey is such a sweet and funny programme. It's about two 20-something's Gavin- who lives in Essex, England and Stacey who lives on Barry Island, Wales who start talking on the phone through work and after months they finally meet and get engaged. (Not a spoiler- this happens within the first 2 episodes!) It's a really feel-good show with a sweet romance and Smithy, Nessa and Uncle Bryn always have me laughing out loud.

8. The Tudors- The last episode of the Tudors was shown this week and I'm really gonna miss it! It is full of scandal and I love anything to do with the Tudor period. Plus, there are some pretty fit guys in this. Hello, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Henry Cavill!

7. Extras- This show is genius! It's about 2 extras, Andy and Maggie, who are trying to become proper actors. It is so funny and some of the scenes are proper cringy! Loads of famous faces have appeared in it too from Orlando Bloom to Kate Winslet to Ben Stiller. Comedy gold!

6. Keeping Up With the Kardashians- I love watching this show. I have always been a little bit obsessed with reality shows (it started with Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica and Big Brother). It lets me escape my life and go in to the glamourous lives of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. They always make me laugh and I love seeing them being normal and arguing at home!

5. The Middle- This is one of my new favourite programmes. It's about the Heck family who are just as crazy as most families in real life are! Axl and Brick are so funny, and Sue is probably one of my fave characters of all time. She is so sweet and happy and determined, even when she gets rejected by every club she tries out for. Such a sweet show!

4. Glee- How could I do a post about TV shows that always cheer me up without including Glee?! This show is just so bloody cute and I defy you not to have a smile on your face through it! Love the songs and Finn is a total fittie! My name is Natalie and I am a total Gleek!

3. Doctor Who- Call me a geek, but this is one of my top shows of all time. It has time travel, it has killer robots and it has a nine hundred and something year old time lord who changes his face! Amy Pond is one of my favourite companians and it's not just because she has the most beautiful coloured hair (Seriously, where can I get hair that gorgeous?)

2. Friends- No TV show list would be complete without Friends! I must have seen each episode a dozen times and they still crack me up. Especially ones where Ross gets drunk or Ross gets a spray tan. I love Ross!

1. How I Met Your Mother- Oh, HIMYM, how I love you. My new favourite tv show of all time. Barney is legen-wait for it-dary, Lily and Marshall are so cute, Robin is totally cool and Ted is a sweetheart! I seriously love every one of them. The show ALWAYS cheers me up and I only hope when I'm older I have a group of friends like them.

This has been so much fun- leave a link if you've taken part in 10 Good Things On A Monday!


  1. My name is Nina and I am a total Gleek too!

    I also love The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. The Tudors look interesting - such a shame it's going to end already.

    There was as period when all I watched were reality shows and yeah living vicariously through celebrities is fun :D

    Thank you for sharing your good things this week, Natalie! Have a great week!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  2. Nina.B- Yay for Gleeks haha! I know, I loved the Tudors and yup, reality shows are addicting! Thank you so much, you too!

  3. I love Friends too! I have all the seasons on DVD, and even though I've watched each episode at least a dozen times, I still find all of them to be hilarious. I also enjoy Glee, and I recently started watching HIMYM and I think it's pretty great as well.

  4. The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorites :) It's just absolutely hilarious, plus I love Sheldon. He's adorable. The Tudors is so good! I love that show so much :)

  5. Lauren- I know, me too! I'm so jealous that you have them on dvd, I need to get them!

    Shaylene- I know, Sheldon is so funny, especially around Penny! I am so sad that the Tudors has ended :(


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