Sunday, 3 April 2011

In My Mailbox (1)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren and I am so excited to be taking part for the first time!


Angel by L.A Weatherly: I've had my eye on this book for ages but the cover really creeps me out haha! The premise of the book sounds really interesting and original though, so when I saw it in a 3 for 2 offer in Waterstones I just had to buy it. I might have to hide it at the back of my bookshelf at night though so I don't get freaked out by the girl!

Warriors of Alavna by N.M Browne: I hadn't heard of this one before I spotted in the shop. It sounds so good! It's about two students who are on a school trip and get sucked back to Britain in 70AD. It reminds me a lot of the film Timeline which I love a lot so hopefully it will live up to my expectations. The girl at the counter had read the series and couldn't praise them enough, so fingers crossed I'll enjoy them!

Time Riders by Alex Scarrow: I have seen the Time Riders series in the YA section for so long but though they wouldn't interest me. So on Saturday when I was looking for a book to complete my 3 for 2 offer, I was pleasantly suprised when I read the blurb. It sounds so awesome- I can't wait to get stuck into this!

Paper Towns by John Green: I have wanted to read Paper Towns for ages. I started reading last night and oh my gosh, it is so freaking good! I'll try and finish it tonight so look out for my review sometime this week. (I really hope the ending doesn't disappoint!)

So that's what I got this week :) What did you guys get? Leave me a link to your IMM!


  1. Nice mix of contemporary and paranormal! (Paranormal can ALWAYS be balanced by John Green. :P)

    Here's my IMM.

  2. Eden- Thanks, I haven't read John Green before but I am LOVING Paper Towns so far!

  3. I've heard such great things about Angel and Paper Towns, but sadly, I haven't gotten around to read them. I hope you enjoy all your books!

  4. Christina/Book Addict- Me too, I was so excited to get my hands on them. Paper Towns is definitely living up to the hype so far! Thanks :)

  5. Angel looks really good and I too have heard good things about Paper Towns. My friend read it and she loved it. Enjoy your books :)

  6. Great books this week. I loved Angel!
    Happy reading.

  7. Great IMM! I read Angel and loved it! I hope you enjoy all your great reads!

    PS- Great blog! I'm a new follower!

  8. I LOVED Paper Towns & My mom loves Time Riders! Awesome books!

  9. Shaylene- I just finished Paper Towns this morning and I loved it too! Thanks :)

    Sally- Thanks! I look forward to reading it!

    Christy@TheReaderBee- Thanks so much! I can't wait to start it!

    Anna Moore- I finished Paper Towns this morning and I lovelovelove it! Cool, Time Riders does look soo good :)

  10. I'd never heard of Warriors of Alavna either, but it sounds really good! I've only been to Waterstone's once, but I LOVED that they had 3 for 2 offers (we only have that for DVDs here, sadly)!
    Happy reading :)

  11. Daisy- I know, I was really excited when I found it lol. Oh no, that sucks! :(


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